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Hello, I'm Desirée Dunbar  

I am here to support you on your quest for truth, self-acceptance, health and joy.

From being given a place in the Martha Graham dance family, to studying spirituality with a Balinese healer, to receiving my Reiki master training from a Buddhist Nun... and then there's getting empowerments from my teacher who has worked with the Dalai Lama...

I've been on a journey of both artistic and healing mastery.

I finished up a choreography MFA in Tucson, AZ, headed home to Vancouver, Canada and set up shop to help others initiate consciousness and experience more joy- through movement and energy practices.  

Since learning energy healing over a decade ago I have experienced rapid personal development, huge abundance and profound satisfaction. Now it's time to share practical skills, wisdom and healing energies with you!

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Desirée is a wonderful teacher, mentor and extraordinary healer. Over the past two years she has taught me so many tools that have helped me listen to my inner guidance. Desirée’s presence is powerful, loving and giving. Her easy and playful techniques initiate the power in us to believe in ourselves and our own abilities.
— Miliana Arnaut

Can you let yourself feel... more? 

Want to be more elegant... with skills, tools and support to dive in when things get tough?  Need a bigger dose of compassion, grounding and self-love?  Want to believe more in yourself and that thing you have to offer the world? You have a purpose.

Yes you can.

“Desirée is inspiring, full of heart, intuitive and an overall beautiful being. She has such a humble ease about her that even though we were exploring deep places of Self it was as if we were giggling over a glass of wine. Even before we started our Skype Energy Private I felt incredibly lifted by knowing I was going to meet with her. Desirée has helped me get back to my true self and uncover things I didn’t know were there. During the session I could feel how much she believed in me and her gentle intuitive guidance left no space for self-doubt to seep in. I was able to find the confidence to own my power again and continue using the things I learned. I recommend Desirée to anyone who wants to learn more or find themselves again through a process of play and imagaery and maybe a few sparkles thrown into the mix.”
— Jaezila Wushke

When did you have to call on great courage to not only make it through, but to come out the other side more glorious, alive and priorities crystal clear?

You are crazy resilient.

Desirée has given me valuable tools in our Skype Energy Privates that have allowed me to be more open to new opportunities. I have struggled in the past from blocking myself from my path and through her guidance I’ve been able to tap into my own voice and to trust my intuition. Through working with Desirée I’ve confidently taken my dreams and journey into my own hands from a place of self-love.”
— Akeisha de Baat

Open your arms to change, letting go and owning your truth. You are unique and precious.

Feel free.

I was blown away by the depth of my Skype Energy Private with Desirée. I felt her deep attunement to me as she skillfully guided me through a process to help me express and release a core pattern that had been holding me back for a long time. She masterfully held a compassionate and safe space for my vulnerability while keeping it playful and light. And all over Skype! Wonderful!!
— Jeff Tambor

An hour with Desirée brings my spirituality to the forefront of my awareness. She restores my energy, tunes into my unconscious needs, and my physical body as well. I connect with Desirée because I can feel her strong intuition but she also honours my own. It is effortless to be in her space and brings me so much grounded joy. The effects of working with her are far-reaching. I leave feeling clear headed, in charge of my own energy boundaries, filled up spiritually and emotionally, and find these tangible effects stay with me long after a session and help me make better choices in my business, relationships, and internal though processes. Perhaps her biggest strength as a leader and guide is how she is always empowering me to continue with the work on my own and truly teaching how I am a powerful energy force all in my own right.
— Tanya Schneider

Get grounded, open up your intuition & flow with the Universe

In your 60 min Energy Private with me you will:

  • get grounded
  • feel calm and at ease
  • feel empowered
  • feel authentic
  • be initiated into higher levels of consciousness
  • open your intuition
  • connect to guides
  • rapidly and elegantly clear energetic blocks
  • heal unprocessed emotions, wounds and trauma
  • heal past lives
  • clear karma
  • complete spiritual contracts
  • move to wholeness
  • receive support for your balanced, holistic lifestyle

When you shift core patterns and wounding at this depth every area of your life is enhanced. 

The result? Sustained joy, self-love and trust.

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Questions? Send them my way at info@gush7.com and I will get back to you ASAP.

With love and appreciation,



Desirée Dunbar is a pioneer in bridging art and healing to catalyze profound personal and societal change. She is an award winning choreographer with a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona. Alongside making dances she has studied to become a Reiki master with Buddhist Nun, Myorei Zeraffa, with a traditional Balinese healer in Indonesia to deepen into spiritual practice and has become an Energetic NLP practitioner initiated by Jeff Tambor in Tucson, Arizona and founder Art Giser who notably received empowerments from the Dalai Lama and Jon of God in Brazil.

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