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Next live-on-line monthly energy session is Tues Oct 10 at 12pm (PST)

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Want more joy and fulfillment in life? We can help.

The Enhance Your Life membership program provides you with support on your spiritual journey.

Each month creator/ founder Desirée Dunbar sheds light on a particular topic such as forgiveness, neutrality, self-love and more to help you bust through energetic blocks holding you back.  Each energy session is a piece in the puzzle to a quantum enhancement in every area of your life. Clear away old beliefs, programming and energetic blocks and reveal your true spiritual essence.

The program began in January 2017 and each monthly energy process, in the form of a guided meditation, is available when you join.

The program is designed for you to participate at your leisure and at your best pace.  It's great if you can join in live to help build the energy of the live-on-line experience but it's also perfectly fine if you wait and participate in the recording later.

I initially joined Enhance Your Life with the intentions of gaining more consistency in my meditation practice. I quickly found myself craving the process we use, as the sessions are so playful and somehow always serendipitous to current themes in my life. The no pressure environment allows me to honour how I need to execute the process whether that be to include movement, throw some extra sparkles into the imagery, or fall asleep…Yes, that’s right! I’ve had miracles happen hours after a session even after accidentally falling asleep!

Desirée’s sessions provide the opportunity to turn off my monkey mind and connect to what really matters, my heart, soul, and spirit. She reminds me of the magic and mystery of life, that I’m part of something much greater and at the same time I am a vast and unique being...priceless!!

Desirée Dunbar is the creator of Enhance your Life 2017 and draws on her training in Energetic NLP, Reiki, and Holistic Health to help you make deep shifts on the path to living the life you want and deserve.

Clear old beliefs, patterns, blocks and energy that doesn't serve you by simply relaxing and letting go to the supportive energies Desirée brings in for you.

Each member of the program is contributing to the enhancement of the group- that's what makes this so special... and powerful!

Desirée has a very uplifting and welcoming approach with very strong energy and words exchanged in her sessions. I have been actively engaged with Energetic NLP now for 4 years. It has changed how I conduct my life and is responsible for taking down my own blocks so I could achieve my goals. In this time I have had several successful business ventures as well as gaining other forms of abundance in my life. It has changed how I see myself and others.

What is involved in the membership?

When you join Enhance your Life  you will be automatically included on our exclusive Facebook group.  You will be notified in advance of the monthly time and date of the Facebook live session.  

Join in live or access the recording at your convenience.  You can say hi in the comments during the video so we know you're there.  The recording is equally as powerful as the live session.

Monthly live-on-line sessions are approximately 30-45 minutes.  The video replay is immediately available for you on our closed group and the audio download on our private page right here ono this site. 

Each monthly session is like a piece in a puzzle and you can pick and choose recordings as you like.

We recommend repeating the energy portion (approximately 20 min) of the session at least twice.  It even works while you sleep played on a low volume level!

Being a member of Enhance Your Life has been profound and transformative. With each gentle reminder to meditate, be present and listen I find myself more connected to my purpose and the world around me. It’s enhanced my intuitive nature. I see the benefits manifest all around me and find more opportunities to cultivate gratitude. The program has given me endless tools on how to cope with imbalances and the anxiety. I am forever grateful for the lessons and care the program so generously offers.

In case we haven't met yet, I'm Desirée Dunbar


From being given a place in the Martha Graham dance family, to studying spirituality with a Balinese healer, to receiving my Reiki master training from a Buddhist Nun... and then getting empowerments in energy healing from my teacher who has worked with the Dalai Lama...

I've been on a journey of both artistic and healing mastery.

I finished up a choreography MFA in Tucson, AZ, headed home to Vancouver, Canada and set up shop to help others initiate consciousness and experience more joy- through movement and energy practices.  

Honestly, I'm still opening to my heart's authentic desires and creating this program is a big part of that.

Most of you have jam packed schedules and I wanted to offer you the opportunity to transform more rapidly... but at your best pace... from whichever part of the world you may be in. We have members in Arizona, Mexico, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia and more.

Since learning energy healing over a decade ago I have experienced rapid personal development, huge abundance and profound satisfaction. Now it's time to share practical skills and wisdom with you!

By becoming a member of Enhance your Life 2017 you are opening to all your potential and the goodness the universe is just waiting to give you while receiving support on your spiritual path.

I hope you will join me and this conscious community!




We can't wait to have you a part of this powerful and supportive community!