Creator/ Founder, Desirée Dunbar


Official Bio

Desirée, MFA is award winning dance-artist and the creator of Dezza Dance, GUSH Transformative Movement Practice, Catalyst Dance Mentorship, the Enhance Your Life Digital Program & The Secret Garden Year-Long Mentorship.

She lights the way for others to move, manifest and activate their potential.

Desirée brings the best from dance, pilates, authentic movement, Reiki and Energetic NLP to rapidly and elegantly advance potential and help you dance gracefully with life.  

She will guide you to build a crazy strong foundation from which to leap into an incredibly rich and satisfying life.

Desirée has studied to become a Reiki master with Buddhist Nun Myorei Zeraffa, with a traditional Balinese healer in Indonesia to deepen into spiritual practice and has become an Energetic NLP practitioner initiated by Jeff Tambor in Tucson, Arizona and founder Art Giser who notably received empowerments from the Dalai Lama and Jon of God in Brazil.

She received a Masters of Fine Arts in Choreography from the University of Arizona in 2012 where she was chosen to be the rehearsal director for the Martha Graham Company's historical work Panorama.  Upon graduating she joined the company to teach advanced Graham technique in Paris and London.  She currently teaches Contemporary Dance technique, improvisation and choreography in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada at Simon Fraser University, Arts Umbrella and Pro Artés.